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I’ve sat in my fair share of offices, whether its the guidance counselor, the principle, the gym teacher, or the preachers office. Regardless of the role or title that was held there seemed to be a common thread that universally unites people in these positions of leadership in our communities and that is the Motivational Poster.

You know the ones I’m talking about, right?  A Bald Eagle Soaring over the mountain tops and in bold letters at the bottom of the poster is the word “EXCELLENCE”, or a group of guys in a row boat cruising in a river at dawn with the word “TEAMWORK” underneath them, or one of my all time favorites (sarcasm) is the poor kitten hanging from a branch…. you already know what it says… “Hang in there”.

I am casting no shame, guilt, or disrespect down upon any one who may have one or seven of these or may even be reading this with a rock climber pulling himself up by one hand and a caption of “DETERMINATION” underneath the poor guy.

I came across the perfect motivational picture setting this past week. Jess, Ella, and myself just spent a few days in North Carolina, in the mountains about an hour south of Ashville. It was beautiful. While we were there we went for a hike to a place called Twin Falls. This is what it looks like.






Along our Hike I noticed this tree growing over a rock and immediately I thought of the perfect Motivational Poster – both word and tag line. Ready? 

DETERMINATION – sometimes all you need to overcome adversity is a little determination.

I know its a little cheesy but isn’t that the point – I mean has anyone ever seen a poster of a mountain climber in the freezing snow at the top of the world and read the word AMBITION underneath it and thought well if that guy can climb that mountain maybe i can do something crazy as well…. like what?  make your Starbucks order a half caff, or maybe double the caff so you can be running at the top of your game. If something like that can really inspire you then let me just go ahead and save you some wall space and tell you that Yes I believe you are AMBITIOUS, EXCELLENT, DETERMINED, COMMITTED and so on so get out there and use TEAMWORK, to OVERCOME, ADVERSITY, and have a great ATTITUDE about the OPPORTUNITIES that come your way.

What’s your favorite Motivational Poster? – and what would be your word and tag line for my poster?

3 Responses to Motivational Poster

  1. Susan says:

    Great post, Seth! My tagline for your pic, after seeing the tree clinging to the boulder, would be this: Persevere – If you cling to the Rock through every occurrence then you’ll never falter.

  2. Cindy Quandt says:

    Ok, Seth, I’m gonna rock your world here…

    When I saw your photo, my thought was “What a cool example of surface uplift!”. Guess that’s because Lydia has been studying geology this semester and learned about how the rock cycle pushes rocks from below the surface of the earth to the top layer. So the tree may have been there first, just hanging around doing tree-like things, and rock pushes itself up from under the tree (not overnight of course, but over a number of years). Still take Determination on the part of the tree though, so we’ve got some mutual ground there!

    So my phrase to go with the photo on my motivational poster would be something like “Stand Your Ground!”

    Just sayin.

  3. Seth says:

    Cindy that’s awesome, i didn’t even look at it that way, you just ROCKED my world haha

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