Red Bag:

We need non-perishable food donations for Wicklow Elementary Students and Families in Transition (FIT). Baby food and Baby formula is also needed for Wicklow. We also need food for the Metro Food Pantry. 

  • FILL a Bag
  • FEED a child
  • STOP Childhood Hunger
  • Over 1,850 homeless students in Seminole County Public Schools need our help.

Please get your Red Bag in the Metro Lobby. It will serve as a reminder to pick-up a few extra food items on sale each week.

In 2013, Metro adopted Wicklow Elementary in Sanford, FL . Metro adopted Indian Trails Middle School in March 2016 and Winter Springs High School in August of 2016. On Fridays the children are sent home with a backpack of food that helps to feed their families. The food donation are packed-up and delivered to the schools every two weeks. The food collection will continue for the entire school year. Visit the Red Bag website to see what items are needed.

Contact: Michael and Beth Whitaker


Pass the Buck:

Pass the Buck from Metro Church on Vimeo.

Everyone donates $1 per week and it goes to an individual or family that needs it.

Metro Food Pantry:

Greet and pray with families, package and provide groceries to those in need. Contact the Church office 407.366.7714


Kids Against Hunger (KAH):

The mission of Kids Against Hunger, a humanitarian food-aid organization, is to significantly reduce the number of hungry children in the USA and to feed starving children throughout the world. In 2014 over 80,000 meals were packaged and sent to Nicaragua.

Metro Community Service from Metro Church on Vimeo.


Free Community Yard Sale:

Yard SaleAnnually, we have a huge Community Yard Sale. Actually, it’s a Parking Lot Giveaway because it is in the Metro parking lot and “everything” is given away FREE.
If you need it or just want it, you can have it.





Metro Bread Ministry:

Bread is available on Sunday Mornings in the Metro Lobby for anyone who has need. The Bread is Donated by Publix.

Angel Tree:

Christmas Gifts and Gift cards are given to Wicklow Elementary School children, Families in Transition, Metro Families, Hope for the Homeless and others in need.

angel tree 2015

Hope for the Homeless:

homeless orlandoEvery 2nd Sunday of each month, toiletries are distributed to the homeless in Orlando. Individual toiletry donations are welcome. As the winter months approach, the need for these toiletries are the greatest.

During the colder winter months Hope for the Homeless Ministry gathers much needed winter items: blankets, hats, socks, gloves, etc. Please deliver items to the Welcome Desk or the church office

Click for List of food items

Contact: If you have any questions, call (407) 366-7687.

Smile Boxes:

smile boxSmile for a Child Program, Misión Para Cristo, Jinotega, Nicaragua

Join the Misión Para Cristo today by participating in the Smile for a Child project. There are three simple steps to participate.

  • Fill a shoebox with toys, school supplies, personal items, clothing, candy and other happy things for a girl or boy.
  • Wrap the box and lid separately in holiday wrapping paper. Use only a regular-sized shoe box.
  • Designate whether the gift is for a boy or a girl and place $5 on top of the box to cover the cost of shipping.
  • Please include about 10 items per box. Do not include toys that require batteries or English instructions. Mark the boxes for boy or girl and age if specific.  See brochure

In 2014, 322 smile boxes were packed and shipped to Nicaragua. For more information contact: Jonathan Baker, Mission Ministry Leader at Metro Church


Metro also supports several regionally-based ministries including:



Beyond our local communities, Metro also strives to make an impact in our world through our global outreach partners in Haiti, Nicaragua, Zimbabwe, and Honduras.

Fudges in Zimbabwe

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