Scottish Highland Games, Saturday & Sunday

Date: January 16, 2016
Time: 8:00 am

Community Service Project

Register Here or at the Metro Connect Center

Please wear your Orange Metro T-shirts (Available for $5 in the Connect Center)

Volunteer to serve:

  • At the Games
  • At Metro
  • At Winter Springs Elementary School

You will Receive:

  • A free event ticket for either day of the games.  Free admission is automatic on the day you serve.
  • A FREE food voucher. Recieve 2 FREE food vouchers for working the late shift on Saturday.
  • An opportunity to build a relationship with the community!

More Information

UPDATE 12-23-15

Sunday January 10rd. 12:00 Volunteer Round Up and Picnic, and presentation following second service. This meeting is very important. I will need to confirm that I have everyone’s personal cell ph. number and e-mail. I will need this personal contact information for communication and safety reasons. Note after the games event all volunteer contacts will be deleted. All Volunteers will sign their release forms and collect their Food Vouchers, Games Tickets and Wrist Bands at this event.  Volunteer Picnic at Central Winds Park. All Metro (Volunteers only please) are welcome to join us at the Picnic Pavilions located in the park by the children’s play area and the restrooms.

Saturday January 16th THE GAMES BEGIN 05:45 am first shift arrives at Metro. At this time, I will pick-up four volunteers to help me with opening the park for Venders and Clans. “SPECIAL NOTE ALL VOLUNTEERS MUST HAVE THEIR WRIST BANDS” to get into the games area. The reaming first shift Volunteers will be collected by a bus about 6:30am from the front door of Metro Church and transported to the park. They will receive a text message from me, telling them exactly where to meet me and how to collect their safety gear and will be directed to their posts to begin their shift. This will repeat with each shift throughout both days.



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